Estudo sobre comportamentos de cidadania organizacional em organizações temporárias

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Irigaray, Hélio Arthur
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This dissertation has sought to enlarge the knowledge regarding organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), which encompasses informal actions performed by the workers and that benefit the organization, by evaluating how this behavior is manifested in companies that adopt temporary structures for carrying out its activities, i.e. temporary organizations (TO). In the studies developed here, a representative model of the relations between cognitive and affective constructs with the dimensions of OCB was proposed and their relationships were tested. The study was attended by 86 professionals working in companies with activities equivalent to TO characteristics and it allowed us to advance with knowledge regarding this type of organization which lacks empirical studies. These professionals provided answers to an instrument containing 7 scales of measurements related to the variables that compose the model. These scales were developed and validated by other authors. The data were treated by using exploratory factor analyses and structural equation modeling. The results showed that the OCB are significant in TO, in spite of initially suggesting the opposite of the idea of temporality and characteristics relating to professionals and type of activities present in TO: high specificity of the product and high qualification of professionals. In addition, the results confirmed that the cognitions about the organization constitute a major factor in the formation of the affection that the professionals have for the company, and also that the affection are significant to constitute the basis of the actions related to the OCB.

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