Competitividade brasileira nas exportações fase 1: metodologia para pesquisa e análise de dados

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The Brazilian share in the world foreign trade is growing continuously, but despite of its significance for the world economy, it represents 1.1% of total merchandise world exports (23rd place in the world) and 0,6% of total commercial services world exports (35th place in the world), according to the World Trade Organization (WTO, 2005). In Phase 1 of this research, completed with this report, was developed a methodology for the research and analysis of data related to difficulties Brazilian companies face to export their products. This Phase 1 included an extensive national and international literature revision about the principal 3 factors that have impact over the Brazilian exports and the preparation and pre-test of a questionnaire. In Phase 2 the questionnaire will be applied to about 1,000 exporting companies sampled from a data base of the National Industry Confederation. The resulting data will utilized to characterize the impact of the chosen exporting bottle necks over the total volume, the total value and the annual variation of the total value of the Brazilian exports.

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