Unbundling governmental recognition: assessing a government's right to represent a state

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Nasser, Salem Hikmat
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The purpose of this work is to tackle the disarray surrounding the subject of recognition, with particular attention to the specificities surrounding the recognition of governments within the context of public international law. We shall demonstrate to the reader the current definitions of recognition and which are the specific doctrines that may be used to solve problems of governmental recognition. To do that it will be necessary not only to unbundle the concept of recognition, but to understand its core elements and how it has been used in the solution of concrete cases through the years. During this work we shall face questions such as why has recognition been used in such an inconstant manner, what is the role of politics as well as what are the current doctrines on the subject and what are their flaws and advantages. By the end we hope to give the reader enough material for a critical analysis of the process of governmental recognition as well as the capacity to operate practical cases.

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