A construção do discurso sobre os alimentos geneticamente modificados no Brasil: análise crítica do discurso da revista Veja

Fontenelle, Isleide Arruda
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This paper examines the construction of the discourse on genetically modified food from the perspective of a major national journal, Veja magazine. The theoretical framework is based on the debate about genetically modified foods in the field of organizational studies, which revealed negligence on the role of the media as opinion maker and its ability to influence readers. The contribution to this field is to verify the role of media in building a theme - GM foods. The method used is critical discourse analysis. The results of the review of the Veja speech suggest that GM foods are constructed by the discourse through two perspectives, technical and other moral and discursive domain is articulated in order to promote the acceptance of GM foods as a viable and beneficial option consumption, without harming human health and the environment.

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