As pinturas de Waldomiro de Deus: signos e desejos a favor da educação na escola de ensino fundamental

Tenório, Fernando Guilherme
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The objective of this work is to propose a project with the aim of bringing the student from public school to knowledge and reflection about a particular period of social and political history of Brazil, known as the military dictatorship of the 1960s, through the work of folk artist Waldomiro de Deus. We propose the use of Triangular Approach (TA) for the teaching of art, consisting of a methodology based on three main axes: contextualization, appreciation and practice. The contextualization of the art work on the project is for the student to understand the era in which it was created, and establish social relations and cultural seamlessly. The appreciation of the work is the critical reading of the images, which will help the students to form their own ideas about the artwork thereafter analyzed. The practice refers to work in the studio, visual setting, the use of the materials for the composition of the work. These works will be drawn from the study of the artist's work, not a copy, and the student will have the freedom to express yourself within your reality. This project aims to bring to your beneficiaries the discussion of art and its role in elementary school. To share with the children a daily education proposed by this project is to involve different artistic languages, as practical dynamic between teachers and students in the development process and creation of art and appropriation of ethical values. It is expected by the end of the project that the students learn the artist's work Waldomiro de Deus, which involved the issue and its importance to the knowledge of this historical period of the country.

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