Educação e política à luz do pensamento de Hannah Arendt

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Sucupira, Newton
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The obJective of this essay is to anal~se the relationship between education and politics, from ph~losophical point Df wiew., in the 1 ight of Hannah Arendt's thought. It is a monographic work divided in two parts. The first one exposes certain central ideas of arendtlan thought. Such ideas had b~en selected according to thelr expllclt or Impllcit relationship wlth the main subJect - the question of education - which ·the &econd part deals with. The stud~ Includes also brief biographical notes on Hannah Arendt fol1owed b~ some information on her Intellectual route. Devoted to the research on life condltlons of the modern h~man being, Hannah Arendt tries to rescue the importance of man's pol it ical action, that must evolve in a public space free of violence and constraint, a ·place· where humanlta. ma~ develop b~ seeking a consensus, a mutual understanding in favour of common well-being...

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