Organizações como processos e teoria ator-rede: a contribuição de John Law para os estudos organizacionais

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In recent years, much has been debated about alternatives to the so called representational approaches in studies of organizations. Such discussions usually highlight the procedural and fluid aspect of the organization,which cannot be taken as having an end or a static object and, thus, it requires other ways to exploit and understand its phenomenon. An approach emerging with considerable popularity is the Actor-Network Theory (ANT). However, this approach has been the target of much criticism, which is mainly related to an alleged lack of political and/or critical nature or potential. Given this context, this article aims to face such criticism to ideas forged in empirical works carried out by one of the authors who spread and triggered more discussions about ANT in Organizational Studies: John Law. By doing so, we intend, here, to contribute with means for a better understanding of the ANT applicability to studies of organizations, highlighting points that must be taken into account so that it does not collapse because of the criticism aimed at it; besides, we discuss some implications of this approach in empirical works.

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