Entry strategies on an emerging market: Brazil: case studies of French cosmetics companies in Brazil

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Castro, Luciano Thomé e
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This work deals with entry strategies in an emerging market, the Brazilian market. The case studies supporting it are of French companies from the cosmetics sector. A literature review about the subject will be compared with the results from the case studies. This process means to eventually dress a picture of the current characteristics of the decision of settling on the Brazilian cosmetics sector for foreign middle-size companies. The literature review has chosen different axes of focus to build a study going into depth and mixing the several considerations of a company considering entry on a foreign market. The topics chosen are the following: the reasons for internationalization, the entry modes themselves, the possible barriers, the specific strategies for middle-size companies in an emerging market and the adaptations of the marketing mix. Then, this work focuses on three French companies representative of the problematics of the cosmetics sector: Norlessi, LaboBio and Plains Cosmetics. The case studies are supported by interview and collection of data from different sources, depicted more in depth in the methodology part. After that is conducted a cross-analysis trying to compare the findings of the empirical study with the literature review. The final conclusions have for goal to be an objective observation of the reasoning process of the considered companies over the problematics mentioned hereabove.

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