A importância dos valores organizacionais subjacentes no processo decisório do Correio

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Vieira, Paulo Reis
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Values are criteria for decision to be taken. They represent the basis for our daily actions when there is consistency among what we do and what we really believed to matter. This master's degree dissertation aims at identifying and to analyzing people's underlying values within the Diretoria Regional do Rio de Janeiro dos Correios. The objective was to make possible the understanding of what it moves employees' attitudes and behaviors. This dissertation refers to identificating organization's values and thcir correlation with the defined strategies for Correios, as a way to clear entails that integrate the organization to their environment and to anticipate crises and problems with a very defined alternatives. The presupposition was that if the premises adopted in processes of decision are congruent consonants with the largest environmental values that perrneate the social group. there will be the possibility to fight entropics. to catalyze efforts and to tum representative the results for the organizations and for the people among themselves.

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