Imaginários urbanos e a região portuária do Rio de Janeiro: um olhar sobre os processos anteriores à reforma de 2010

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During approximately the last 25 years, different eyes turned toward the port area of Rio de Janeiro, each look highlighting a different aspect of it and transforming the region into a mosaic of influences for the current major reform. Paradoxically, the aim of a total reconstruction of the territory, brought as a result one of the largest movements of historic preservation we saw in Brazilian cities in recent decades, with the restoration of historical sites, palaces and townhouses, as well as original pavements and even objects and bones of archaeological value. Furthermore, the focus of the media in the region also meant for local residents and regulars reassess its relationship with space, producing each time more frequently activities related to culture and accelerating the process of valuing self-esteem and inclusion of site region on the cultural map of the city

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