Os ciclos de conferências da defensoria pública do Estado de São Paulo: controle e participação social

Cunha, Luciana Gross
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The aim of this work is to study the Cycles of Conferences promoted by the Public Defender of São Paulo State to understand what the role they play in relation to public participation in the management of the Public Defender. The research problem is whether and how they contribute to guarantee public involvement in the management of the Defender, taking into account the study on the implementation or not of guidelines developed by the population during the conduct of I, II and III Cycles of Conferences and understanding the different voices that the actors have in relation to the Conferences. The conclusion is that the Conferences were not absorbed evenly by the institution as an important mechanism guiding institutional priorities, able to vocalize people's wishes, airing the institution, and collaborating with the construction of public policies aligned to the demands of the population. It´s musty to be agreed and clarified the nature of the proposals made in the Conferences (deliberative or consultative) under penalty of participatory mechanism in question losing the popular adherence.

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