Gestão do conhecimento aplicada à gestão de riscos: aplicação do operador epistemológico tácido aos conceitos de Basiléiia II

Yong, Chu Shao
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This paper aims to provide a vision on the impact of the deployment of the Epistemological Tacit Operator, a tool of Knowledge Management, on the banking activity, through a case study. Particularly, it analyses the use and consequences to improve the Organizational Intelligence. Starting with a vision of Knowledge Management, it demonstrates the importance of the human being as the center of the Organizational Intelligence, in a cognitive way little seen on the literature, dominated by examples of Information Technology. It considers Organizational Intelligence must be exercised in context of action, since 'it's not enough to state that Intelligence is the most important asset of an organization, it's imperative that this statement be transformed in strategies and plans to achieve better performance'. The formulation of strategy is the own exercise of intelligence, since it deals with the choices of the organization and the nurturing of its competences. At last, a case study is made on the Epistemological Tacit Operator to consolidate the knowledge of a financial institution and propose new strategies of risk management necessary for Basel II requirements.

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