Deficientes visuais nas organizações: a exclusão no processo de inclusão

Vergara, Sylvia Constant
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This study aimed to identify how the process occurs inclusion and exclusion of visually impaired people in organizations, considering such disabilities as the most representative of the deficiencies in the country. Despite this fact, the blind professionals are those with the lowest rate of employment in enterprises that opt for people who have so - called 'minor deficiencies' to compose its staff. Visually impaired people suffer the stereotype of disability that carry throughout history, even with the presence of the Quota Law. For the construction of the study was a field study, which included semi-structured interviews and participant observation. The conclusion was reached on the inclusion process of the visually impaired, is that this is virtually the discourse of HR representatives of companies, being visible preference for hiring people with disabilities considered 'light' despite the number of professional blind available. The stereotype of working disability appears linked to the process of exclusion of the blind, demonstrates that occur due to ignorance about the visually impaired. New constructions were found, as the stereotype originated from the blind and also the direction major institutions that have for the development of the visually impaired, which can significantly affect how they relate to the seers.

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