Políticas públicas e direito: democratização do acesso ao Sistema Federal de Ensino Superior

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Ghirardi, José Garcez
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The research object of this dissertation are the public policies for democratization of education created after the Federal Constitution of 1988. Considering the law and development theory and the higher education as background, it is intended to relate the law and public policies under institutional approach, seeking to understand the ProUni, ReUni, Fies and Lei de Cotas programs reality. Based in a public policies’ legal method, wonders how the programs for the democratization of higher education access are built, regarding the macro, meso and microinstitutional as defined by Bucci and how the governmental actions for inclusion works in the public and private higher education institutions. Through this research could be noted a lack of mesoinstitutional arrangements to manage the policies, making them more coherent and complementary each other. It were not found exclusive institutional aggregations for the access policies to the higher education.

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