Estudo de caso para ensino: 'Errar é humano: um desafio na busca da segurança do paciente em unidade pública de saúde.'

Thiry-Cherques, Hermano Roberto
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The concern for patient safety, which is an important factor in the matter of health care quality, is currently a highly relevant topic among researchers from around the world. Malpractices occur anywhere where health care is provided and in most situations preventive measures are possible. The objective of this case study is to reveal, through a bibliographic review, the debate over the topic of patient safety since the twenty-first century, focusing on the relevance as a global public health issue. In addition, the studyresearch discusses the challenges related to gaps and perspectives on this issue and its approach in the Brazilian reality. The results of this analysis suggest that investigation on the subject of patient safety has weaknesses in its approach to be better defined and established. They have also identified barriers, such as a high demand in the emergency rooms of urban cities, the low self-confidence of the professionals that makes the malpractice, wiliness of all professionals and managers to take preventive routines, and challenges to be faced, such as the lack of strategy development and specific political health actions, both for research and for health literature on public administration.

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