Uso das estatísticas criminais e planejamento das atividades policiais: um estudo sobre a percepção dos profissionais de segurança pública do estado do Rio de Janeiro

Ruediger, Marco Aurélio
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This study had as an objective to analyze the usage of criminal statistics on the planning of police activities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, identifying the possibilities and the difficulties for that use by the perceptions of the professionals in public safety involved in this process. Having as a starting point the assumption that, although there already is a movement in favor of the utilization of criminal statistics in Rio de Janeiro, the practice of its utilization in the forms of the contemporary engagements of policies of public safety is harmed by cultural resistance from the people who are involved and by problems that concern the structure of public safety, such as insufficient resources, both material and human. Such thesis was defended having as foundation the triangulation of the theoretic referential that was adopted and by documental and field research. The field research was made by interviewing civil policemen, military policemen, analysts and public manager involved in these instruments of analysis. Investigation results lead to the conclusion that in Rio de Janeiro criminal statistics is already being used, which can be noted by the implementation of the System of Goals for the Strategic Indicators of Criminality in the State. Nevertheless it was possible to note that the use of statistics encounters barriers, not only technical, but human as well, because it deals with the interests of the multiple actors involved. This way, having as the Kingdon decisive process as background, the pretext that this theme needs to be inserted in the Governmental Decisive Agenda, with the proposal of public policies that guarantee solid condition (both human and material resources) for the use of criminal statistics and actions that have the diminishing of the resistance to such practices as a goal, with measures that stimulate the integration between the different actors that take part in the process.

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