Monitoramento e aprendizado estratégico: o caso Furnas

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Motta, Paulo Roberto
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This study investigated how the monitoring and strategic learning process by identifying the factors that influence the achievement of results. A literature search was conducted, through which it was possible to obtain a description of how the process should take place, what are the results that it should produce and what are the potential factors that influence them. Then, there was a documentary research in the studied company, allowing to describe how the monitoring and strategic learning process takes place in loco. To identify the factors that influence the achievement of results of the process in the company, there was a qualitative field research, along with executives of its purposive areas. The results obtained in these research stages allowed the understanding that the process takes place through the implementation of two cycles: the use and the learning and its core elements are the strategic meetings. It was possible to attest that, in Furnas, the process is running within the standards prescribed by the literature. However, since its deployment is recent, it only appears as a trend. It was also concluded that most of the factors identified by the executives of the company coincides with the mapped in the literature. In addition, among the factors identified in Furnas, company selected as an analytical field, the ones that most affect the operation of the process the monitoring and strategic learning process are concentrated in the 'management style' organizational dimension, namely: 'weak performance culture', 'top management sponsorship' and 'operational interference operating on the agenda of the strategic meetings.'

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