O propósito da companhia: debates contemporâneos e o direito brasileiro

Carmo, Lie Uema do
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The present time is guided by the abandonment of old paradigms and the adoption of new concepts, especially when it concerns the millennials, generation responsible for the source of wealth for the coming years. In a global scenario of socioeconomic inequality, environmental degradation and slow development, people question the society’s status quo and its modus vivendi. In this context, one of the oldest debates in the business world returns: for whom is the corporation managed? The present work studies the purpose of companies in contemporary debates and the Brazilian Corporate Law’s approach to the topic. Therefore, in the first part of the study, two predominant international theories about the purpose of the companies will be addressed - Shareholders Theory and Stakeholder Theory. In the second part, contemporary debates aimed at reformulating the companies' purpose will be presented and contextualized. Finally, the third chapter will deal with the matter before the Brazilian Corporate Law, analyzing the doctrinal interpretations of articles 116, sole paragraph and 154, caput.

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