Inserção de pessoas com deficiência intelectual: um estudo em empresas situadas na região metropolitana de São Paulo

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Freitas, Maria Ester de
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This dissertation is motivated by questions regarding the real possibility of the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, increasingly employed in organizations in Brazil. The main objective is to analyze the way this employment is being carried out by five large firms in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, from the perspectives of those directly involved. This implies, first, in the contextualization of the hiring policies adopted by the participating organizations. Moreover, from the analysis of the issues most discussed by the interviewees the intention is to identify the meanings of integrating people with intellectual disabilities and the relevant implications to people involved: the subjects with intellectual disabilities, their bosses, hierarchical peers, Human Resources people and people related to external organizations, that somehow influence or interfere in the activities of integration and inclusion inside the organizational environment. The theoretical framework addresses the concepts of inclusion, integration and diversity in organizations; prejudice, stigma and other attitudinal barriers to inclusion; education and family issues; the concepts of disability throughout history and demographic and legal aspects related to the topic. The research was conducted through interviews with low degree of structure and the transcripts analyzed using the content analysis approach proposed by Bardin (1977), according to the assumptions of the structural symbolic interactionism (STRYKER, 2006). From the discussion of the themes that emerged from the content analysis and the comparison of the hiring policies adopted by organizations, it was concluded that it is possible to include people with intellectual disabilities, bearing in mind the organizational boundaries in which they are located.

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