As redes intraorganizacionais são inclusivas?: utopia e testes

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Based on the Theory of the Convention (Boltaski and Thevenot, 1991), I present the project order developed by Boltanski and Chiapello and use it as a parameter to assess the primary studies of intra-organizational social networks. I recover from the book The New Spirit of Capitalism, the Order of Projects' main features. I show how the theoretical construction of the project order is based on a normative appropriation of social network analysis classic studies, especially those of Burt and Granovetter. I argue that the empirical work of intra-organizational networks analysis can be read as testing the idea of connectionism. First, it functions as a way of empirically confirming whether contemporary capitalism is becoming increasingly connected. Second, it provides inputs to managers and policy-makers to adapt the design of organizations in order to favor more open networks. Third, it allows examining how the Order of Projects relates to other orders. These relationships can be conceptual and logical, as well as empirically negotiated. I conclude this article with implications for studies of intra-organizational networks as well as for working with Boltanski and Chiapello's model.

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