Denunciation, crime, and punishment: the cycle of violence in the city of Rio de Janeiro

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Final paper submitted to the 2017 LSA Congress. The paper is a contribution of FGV/DAPP (Department of Public Policy Analysis, Fundação Getulio Vargas). Violent crime has been a serious problem for the State of Rio de Janeiro´s administration for some decades - a preoccupation that is also highlighted by the population as one of its main concerns in various opinion pools. But violence in itself is not a phenomenon of easy resolution: it develops in different stages, which frequently have different spatial, causal and temporal tendencies. Given the context of high criminal rates and the state´s budgetary crisis, this research aims to better understand the spatial distribution of what we call the 'complete cycle of violence' (perception of security, crime, crime punishment and reinsertion of convicts into society) in the state of Rio de Janeiro territory, aiming to be an input for the proper and effective planning of a rights-oriented public security policy. This research also aims to comprehensively feed the public debate on security, promoting the transparency of public data on the theme.