In the (value-laden) eyes of the beholder: linking follower perceptions to leadership emergence and effectiveness

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Sobral, Filipe
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This work comprises three research articles that explore different facets of the relationship between followers’ perceptions of their (potential) leaders and leadership emergence and effectiveness. Common to these articles, is the idea that followers’ perceptions of leaders (and the consequences of these perceptions) depend both on the values articulated—or signaled—by leaders and those held by followers. The first article proposes that personal authenticity is a key predictor of leader emergence in groups, and that authenticity’s effects are enhanced when the target individual is perceived to embody the group’s identity-defining values. The second article explores how leaders’ commitment to public values—as perceived by followers—affects the emergence of charismatic forms of leadership in public organizations, which, in turn, translates into lower levels of employee voluntary turnover. The moderating effects of contextual factors, such as the level of violence and poverty around the organization, are also considered. The third article investigates public employees’ responses (in terms of job satisfaction) to the perception that their organizations systematically ignore poor-performing coworkers. We also investigate if employees’ public service motivation can change how they react to these perceptions.

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