Inflação no Brasil e preços internacionais

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Brito, Márcio Holland de
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In the beginning of the 90's, a fall and a greater stabilization of the world-wide inflation began to be observed, mainly in developed economies. This phenomenon was also noticed in development economies such as the Brazilian, protagonists of hyperinflation moments from a recent past. With the substantial fall of world-wide inflation, some economists suggest the incorporation of the global factors effects in the domestic inflation dynamics. This present study aims at verifying if external factors have reduced the sensitivity of the domestic prices to exclusively domestic economic conditions. An analysis of the international prices role in the dynamics of the inflation rate in Brazil through studies of the Phillips Curve dynamic by a VAR methodology is made. It can be concluded through the results that although great part of the inflation stabilization is a consequence of the monetary policy credibility adopted by the Brazilian Central Bank, the way it can anchor these expectations and the adoption of good monetary and fiscal practices, the important role of the external factors in the Brazilian inflation dynamics cannot be denied.

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