Educação em alvo: os efeitos da violência armada nas salas de aula


The present study aimed to analyze data related to the public educational institutions in the city of Rio de Janeiro (state, municipal and federal schools and daycare centers) with reports of shootings/gunfire in the city; The objective of the research is to conceive public policies to meet the various needs of school-age children and teenagers who live in vulnerable areas with high rates of violence, especially of the armed type; Between July 2016 and July 2017, the city of Rio de Janeiro reported 3,829 shootings. We found that 1,809 elementary and intermediate education institutions and 461 daycare centers and child education services operate in the city; We identified priority areas for public policies based on two criteria: (1) the territorial concentration of schools and the incidence of shootings/gunfire and (2) the number of shootings/gunfire only; The neighborhoods of Costa Barros, Acari and Cidade de Deus are the ones with the largest number of municipal and state schools and daycare centers exposed to armed violence. A large part of the incidences of shootings/gunfire are concentrated in the North Zone, mainly in the regions of Complexo do Alemão (218 reports) and Maré (119 reports). Another area that draws attention is the vicinity of Avenida Brasil, near the neighborhood of Penha (128 reports).

Estudo da Diretoria de Análise de Políticas Públicas em parceria com Fogo Cruzado