Problemas de mulher: um estudo etnográfico sobre a inserção feminina na escola naval brasileira

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Castro, Celso
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The present dissertation aims to construct an anthropological analysis about the recent female insertion in the Brazilian Naval Academy. Through the ethnographic research carried out at the institution between 2014 and 2016, it seeks to discuss the way gender stereotypes guide military formation, since barracks are gendered and gender-defining spaces. I argue that the inner vision of women as the other, therefore potentially 'problematic', has as effect the construction of spaces of feminility, guaranteed by the relationship 'from woman to woman' and by a morality anchored in traditional values. However, these spaces aim at the reproduction of feminine characteristics understood as antagonistic to the exercise of military functions, since principles of virility make up the deal of military effectiveness. The warrior’s male body would be the proof of his 'natural' fitness to the military functions, against the female body. In an opposite way, the female body is related to the private-motherly domain, characterized by the lack of those capabilities. Therefore, in this context of inclusion of women in career war by virtue of law, the female body is understood as a 'problem'.

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