Agentes de implementação: mediação, dinâmicas e estruturas relacionais

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This paper discusses the implementation of public policies at the local level in areas of high concentration of poverty by the study of mediation and structural dynamics established by the implementing agents in the population and government. We analyze how these agents perform their practical implementation and by the construction of relational mechanisms and their network structure and its consequences in people's access to public services. The results are intended to contribute to the understanding of the explanatory role of location in the results of public policies in the Brazilian federal arrangement. The empirical results were generated in qualitative studies and analysis of social networks developed with Community Health Workers in different regions of Brazil between 2004 and 2005. We studied Agents from four Brazilian municipalities: Sobral, São Paulo, Taboão da Serra and Santo André. We did ethnographic research to understand their practices and also social network research, considering the networks from the agents and also from the implementation policy.

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