Uma topografia das Humanidades Digitais na Ciência da Informação


Information has assumed increasing importance in contemporary society, in which it is admittedly associated with economic and cultural power, which helps to understand, in general terms, how the information entity has acquired the status that we all recognize nowadays. It is indeed in this global scenario that information became increasingly widespread, produced, and resignified in what Gilles Lipovetsky called 'ecranocracy.' Our ways of perceiving the world, of interacting in and through it, and also communicating have changed in the face of digital culture, and in terms of the production of knowledge, we seek here to reflect on the critical, technical and practical aspects of a transdisciplinary movement that is conventionally called of Digital Humanities (DH) and how it adheres to Information Science. This phenomenon seems to be expression and impression of the current informational aesthetics whose applicability of digital tools among other computational resources has been redesigning the 'form' as the knowledge of the humanities has been produced and communicated

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