Gerenciamento jurídico proativo transformando a gestão jurídica das empresas

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Fabiani, Emerson Ribeiro
Azevedo, Luís André Negrelli de Moura
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The competitive business world requires legal managers and in-house lawyers focused on conducting business, who act proactively in developing preventive strategies to solve and implement strategic directions over legal matters, replacing the traditional professional who react to legal issues only if provoked by the company. This paper aims to present technical and behavioral skills required in this transformation process. To obtain this resource, it presents a proactive management technique that divides into 5 stages: (i) case analysis and problem identification; (ii) presentation of joint solutions with registered areas; (iii) replacement of future risks; (iv) creation of opportunities; and (v) setting performance indicators. It also seeks examples of practical cases of implementing complex projects, with these techniques. The research is opinionated and descriptive nature, with data collection technique and case study.

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