A internacionalização da publicidade brasileira: 1970/2002

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The globalization of the world economy has shaped a complex and challenging landscape for the Brazilian advertising sector. The merger and acquisition movement between advertising agencies, with the consolidation of some agencies into merged or acquired mega-agencies , has been one of the most visible structural developments since the 1980s. Based on this new environment, the purpose of this project is to study the following issues: the internationalization of the Brazilian advertising business and the relationship between agencies, media companies and advertisers; the new business models developed by the Brazilian advertising agencies in order to achieve competitive advantage and profitability; the alternatives of continuity for the Brazilian agencies in face of the power changeover between generations and the merger and acquisition movement between agencies. This study is part of a research project called Culture and Consumption Studies , developed by the Culture and Consumption Studies Center, at EAESP/FGV.

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