Aspectos humanos e trabalhistas: códigos de conduta do setor de gás e petróleo

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The presence of a company on an international level also means the worldwide dissemination of its Code of Conduct of Social Responsibility (CSR code of conduct). It is therefore necessary to have a certain amount of control over the contents of such codes or manuals. International rules and standards may be used for such purpose. The oil and gas industry has a great impact on the communities where these companies perform their activities. The same is true with respect to their CSR codes of conduct. Therefore, this study covers two approaches that are different from each other but nonetheless converge. On the one hand, the comparative study of how oil and gas companies deal with human and labor issues under their CSR codes of conduct. On the other hand, we review compliance or noncompliance of such CSR codes with the international treaties, agreements, rules and standards. Strategies may then be recommended to the oil and gas industry, to improve labor and human rights of their CSR codes of conduct. This will meet the needs of the communities involved while adding value to the oil and gas companies.

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