Museu Antônio Parreiras: uma casa para um pintor, uma experiência do olhar

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Oliveira, Lúcia Lippi
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This work intends to show the importance of shortening the bonds between educational institutions and national museums. This relation is fundamental to expand students’ cultural horizons while they are still young, as well as directly influence in their school formation and also in their artistic patrimony values. This importance could be proven by the research applied to students in basic education of IEPIC - Instituto de Educação Professor Ismael Coutinho, in Niterói - RJ, in partnership with the Museum Antônio Parreiras. Although the museum is located close to the school, many students had never visited it, neither they were aware of its existence. Schools must contribute to develop projects that include visits to museums and promote direct contact with works of art. The same way educators must stimulate valuation of local artistic patrimony, calling attention for the knowledge and preservation of it. These experiences represent the assimilation of attitudes that will reflect positively on students’ adulthood. The solid relationship between school and museum will allow students to learn based on the dialog with the work of art. This will motivate the creative act and the search for originality, and also will allow them to act as multiplying agents of this knowledge to schoolmates, friends, relatives and the community they belong to.

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