Municipalização do ensino fundamental da rede pública: os impactos sobre o desempenho escolar

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Leme, Maria Carolina da Silva
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Fundef, implanted in 1998, can be considered one of the most important educational reform in last years in Brazil. With fiscal decentralization stimulated by this fund, one of the more perceivable liquid effects, beyond the initial increase in the enrolled children number, was the municipalization of public fundamental education, in the period from 1998 to 2004. This paper shows municipalization effect on the school outcomes variation of pupils. Using data from Brazilian School Census for 1998 and 2004, three models are suggested in order to evaluate this impact applying first difference and difference in difference methodologies. They suggest that municipalization do has impact on the outcomes, however magnitude is small. In general, this process seems to endanger education quality. Moreover, comparing municipal with state schools, it is possible to point infrastructure school variables, such as classroom and school size, that influence student outcomes.

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