A licitude do consentimento tácito na prática de importação paralela: como os tribunais brasileiros vêm decidindo esta questão

Sampaio, Patrícia Regina Pinheiro
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Considering the current context of globalization and expansion of international trade, Parallel Imports has been a great challenge for legal scholars and courts around the world. In the present work, it will be possible to realize how the practice of Parallel Import is interfering and causing conflicts in trade relations between the holders of the trademark, right, its licensors and third importers, deepening the analysis exhaustion of Intellectual Property rights adopted in Brazil. The complexity of the issue is closely linked to the issue of consent of the mark in this type of relationship. Thus, this work aims to analyze how the courts have been interpreted the art. 132, item III of Law 9.279/96 and involving the legality of the practice of Parallel Import with the tacit or express consent.

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