Um estudo de caso sobre aprendizagem organizacional

Migueles, Carmen Pires
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Before the changes that are occurring over the last few years, where the prospect of the economy shifts from industrial to knowledge, we face a new scenario where the intellectual capital of the individual is perceived as a crucial factor for the development and growth of organization. However, for this evolution to occur, the tacit knowledge of the individual needs to be disseminated and shared with other members of the organization. The concern in companies, then back to the development of strategies to corroborate the improvement of its processes. Moreover, it is also necessary to manage this whole dynamic of construction and development of knowledge, proper and effective way thus providing the emergence of new values and competitive advantage. Countless models to assist in the organizational learning process have been developed by various authors and scholars, among them we highlight lessons learned system, which is built from experience, positive or negative, experienced within a context, in order of their own cultural patterns with real and significant impact. Based on established processes and procedures for the coordination of one of the products offered by FGV and its distribution network, this paper aims to examine, in the light of the theory of knowledge management and, more specifically, the management of lessons learned, as gereciamento knowledge is being made in the project Best Practices established by this coordination. Also are expected to understand the phases of the acquisition, development and dissemination, in this scenario, are being carried out effectively and, if the results obtained can serve as a basis for evaluating the effective sharing of knowledge.

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