Programa ABC: uma análise para o período de 2011 a 2014

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Gurgel, Angelo Costa
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Climates changes issues become increasingly present in the debates involving the most important nations of the world. Since its harmful effects to the human species to the action plans to combat them, the issue is debated by the most important actors in the global geopolitical scenario. The ABC program is the credit line associated with the ABC Plan. Through it resources are made available to farmers to invest in technologies that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Loans distributed by ABC program between the brazilian states are not, however, proportional to the share of each state in brazilian agricultural activities. The objective of this study was to identify possible factors that determine the distribution of the ABC program resources among the states. It was used to such an exploratory analysis of data and the calculation of the Spearman correlation coefiente, and a sample of the Brazilian states from 2011 to 2014. Among the variables associated with agricultural production used, met major positive and significant correlations between the ABC program credit and soybean production, corn and cattle ranching. Also positive correlations were found associated with the number of the Bank of Brazil agencies, per capita income and education, but of lesser magnitude. In the case of degraded pastures, there is low correlation of these with the credit. These results indicate that the ABC program has been more used in states where the production of grain and cattle is more advanced, low adoption, so in regions with the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gases

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