Integrity and transparency in Brazil's state-owned enterprises


The report “Integrity and Transparency in Brazil’s State-Owned Enterprises” is the result of a partnership between FGV Rio Law School and Transparency International – Brazil and was made possible trough funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the support of Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro. The initiative’s purpose is to take the best international practices, especially the OECD’s Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises, and point out which directions Brazil’s SOEs could follow in order to improve several aspects pertaining to Integrity, such as compliance, transparency, corporate governance and institutional relations. The Integrity Initiative for Brazilian State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) is part of Transparency International – Brazil’s Emerging Markets Integrity Programme, which aims to transform the Brazilian business landscape so that it may adopt high standards of integrity and exert a positive influence on the practices of regional businesses and those of the Global South.

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