Praia do Flamengo, 132: memória, reparação e patrimonialização da União Nacional dos Estudantes

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Grynszpan, Mario
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This work aims to analyze the process of 'patrimonializacao da Uniao Nacional dos Estudantes' promoted in the articulation of memory and amends, summon elements of the institution past, especially events occurred in the old building where toke place their headquarter, in the present knew as 'UNE land', at Praia do Flamengo, 132. Its objective is understand how the militants, in the general frame of their search to revert a lack of institutional political capital, promote the reconversion of UNE symbolic capital, more ample, in political capital, more specific, powerfully the institution in the political arena again. Decurrently of that, I identified a process named patrimonialização da UNE, that is, an action to make the UNE recognized as part of the Brazilian heritage rhetorical. I search to adopt both, a diachronic and sinchronic method. At the first time, was necessary to contemplate the student institution actions were toke place in the UNE building throughout the time to later investigate the ways how this past acts were recouped and used in the present political arena. Firstly the legal acts evolving the building - land were analyzed towards to reconstruct one history to the UNE action in that place. Leave of it, I searched understand the usage of this past by the present agents promoted by the realization of cultural projects and in the process of elaboration and institution of the Law 12.260/2010, which recognize the State responsibility to the acts occurred in the Praia do Flamengo building during the military regime indemnify institution as amend. So, is in the joint of the both camps, the politic and the culture that developed the process which in this work I searched to investigate.

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