Gestão de operações no Brasil: uma análise do campo científico a partir da rede social de pesquisadores


This study examines the network of researchers who publish in the field of Operations Management in Brazil, based on 2668 articles published between 1997 and 2009. The study hypotheses take as reference the literature on social networks and the evaluation of scientific fields. The results indicate that despite the existence of a fragmented and somewhat sparse network there are cohesive and close groups that provide the field with a degree of stability (small world networks). It was found that the number of ties of researchers (degree centrality) is positively associated with the number of articles published, although it negatively affects their productivity. When we consider non-redundant ties (structural holes), the results proved to be positive and significant, both as far as concerning production and productivity. Furthermore, it was also seen that the centrality of the researcher moderates the effect of non-redundant ties, with its effect on productivity being greater among researchers with a greater degree of centrality.

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