September 7 Mobilizations


The goal of this report is to present an overview of the public debate about the antidemocratic mobilizations associated with September 7, the Brazilian Independence Day, which were intensified due to the presidential race in October 2022. Based on data collected on Twitter and Facebook, we sought to understand how authoritarian and extremist narratives circulated and targeted democratic institutions and authorities of the Brazilian Judiciary Branch. To compose this framework, we chose two different periods for analysis: the period before September 7, between June 1 and September 1, and the holiday week, between September 2 and 8. On Twitter, we sought to explore the evolution of the general debate about the holiday, the discussion on each topic, institutions and authorities associated with the date, and the most frequent terms in this discussion. On Facebook, the analysis focused on public groups aligned with former president Jair Bolsonaro due to the identification of antidemocratic content and electoral publication boosting circulating on the network in the months prior to the elections.