Uma análise empírica sobre as preferências do consumidor brasileiro de cervejas artesanais

Gonçalves, Edson Daniel Lopes
Butelli, Pedro Henrique
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One of the most popular products of the world is going through severe transformations and, as a consequence, the beer style we know as Pilsner (Light Lager) is no longer the only available option in the market. Given that this sector has a strong growth potential in Brazil, the main objective of this dissertation is to reveal the craft beer consumers preferences using stated preference methods through questionnaires that invite the subject to choose among options related to Color, Palate, Aroma and Alcohol. After stratifying the sample by Age and Experience, the results show that Palate, followed by Color and then Aroma are the most relevant attributes for the Experienced subject while the Non-Experienced value Color as the most relevant attribute, followed by Palate, with Aroma being an irrelevant attribute in his choices. The atribute Alcohol revealed itself insignificant in all stratifications.

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