Resultados de um programa de triagem auditiva neonatal em Cuiabá: Mato Grosso


PURPOSE: To describe the results obtained in a newborn hearing screening program in the city of Cuiabá (MT), Brazil, in the period from 2009 to 2010. METHODS: We analyzed the otoacoustic emissions results of 1964 low-risk and 123 high-risk newborns, archived in the computer of the service, regarding the amount of those who passed or failed the screening. RESULTS: In the low-risk group, 94.5% passed, 1.2% failed and 4.3% did not return for re-test. In the high-risk group, 71.54% passed, 3.2% failed and 25.4% did not return for re-test. CONCLUSION: The results obtained by the program are in agreement with the expectations of international and national institutions.

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