Estratégia, legitimidade e biocombustíveis: uma perspectiva geopolítica

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Faria, Alexandre de A.
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Environmental issues are increasingly relevant, not only for governments, international organizations and big corporations, but also to academic research in the field of business strategy. Despite the fact that field of business strategy historically overlooked environmental issues, strategic management literature has been increasingly incorporating environment as a part of strategies. One way to cope with environmental issues in practice has been achieved through investments in biofuels. The research objective is to analyze why and how ethanol was incorporated into the formal strategy of a Brazilian organization historically linked to the oil sector in Brazil. From a geopolitical perspective, this thesis argues that the dynamics related to the incorporation of ethanol in the formal strategy of this organization cannot be understood only through an economic dimension strictly. It is considered the relevance of taking into account whether or not relations of power are relevant to understand the phenomenon under investigation. Additionally, we intended to show the importance of the concept of legitimacy to the dynamics of strategies related to biofuels. The distinction between the global North and South was identified as a key element of the process of incorporation of the environment into strategies at the international level, in which neo-liberal perspectives seeks to sustain the centrality of the economic dimension, making less visible power asymmetries between the North and Global. The implications of the incorporation of ethanol in the formal strategy of the organization analyzed were also considered from the perspective of the organizational and national levels, in which conflicts of interest in each of these levels were highlighted. We conclude that the incorporation of ethanol is placed in a context also characterized by geopolitical struggles, both nationally and internationally, that shows the relevance of considering other dimensions of analysis in research in the field of business strategy, such as to aspects related to power and geographical space.

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