Community networks: the Internet by the people, for the people


This book is the Official 2017 Outcome of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3). DC3 is a multistakeholder group, fostering a cooperative analysis of the community network model, exploring how community networks may be used to improve connectivity while empowering Internet users. This volume explores the benefits of community networks, analysing case studies, focusing on the challenges and opportunities for these networks and putting forward concrete recommendations for their development. The book includes the updated version of the Declaration on Community Connectivity, which was elaborated through a multistakeholder participatory process, facilitated by the DC3. The Declaration emphasise that community networks are crowdsourced networks “structured to be open, free, and to respect network neutrality. Such networks rely on the active participation of local communities in the design, development, deployment, and management of shared infrastructure as a common resource, owned by the community, and operated in a democratic fashion.”

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